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  • Equipping the Church

    The Dunamis Institute, a ministry of PRMI, is a learning community that prepares believers to pursue mission together in the Holy Spirit for the advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

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    2015 Summer & Fall Events
    DI-ICON 400
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  • The Dunamis Institute (DI)

    ...has the purpose of providing the organizational structure, teaching faculty, course curriculum and means of providing the equipping. With God’s help and under the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we are raising up men and women from around the world.  These individuals, loyal to Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, contribute in significant ways toward the advancement of the Gospel and the growth of the Kingdom of God worldwide.

  • Self Study Courses

    We invite you to access course materials online to study at your own pace. Materials include training manuals and readings, and may also include instructional videos. Great for those exploring our course content or those who have limited time. Does NOT include interaction with a teacher, focused instruction, or online class discussion sessions.

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    Dunamis Course Unit I - Gateways to Empowered Ministry SELF-STUDY

    Dunamis Course Unit II : In the Spirit's Power SELF-STUDY

    Dunamis Course Unit III : The Power of Prayer SELF-STUDY

    Dunamis Course Unit IV : Listening Evangelism SELF-STUDY

  • Kingdom Advance

    This course focuses on equipping and mobilizing prayer for advancing the Kingdom of God. Topics range from presenting a Biblical history of the Kingdom of God to engaging the strongholds opposing the advance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the Muslim world.

    To access the course:
    • You will need a free Dunamis Institute account. If you do not have one you may Create An Account HERE. Once you have created your account, return to this tab and you may access the course by clicking HERE.
    • Enrollment key is: kingdomADV20


DFI Member Blogs


Holy Spirit Empowers

All too often we stand on the sidelines watching and listening as ‘Holy Spirit superstars’ prophecy, preach, teach, cast out demons, and heal the sick.  But that’s not Jesus’ desire or design for His followers.

Our conviction is this:  That Jesus desires to baptize ordinary Christians with the Holy Spirit empowering each of us to minister in His Name, thereby advancing the gospel for His glory!

We are ordinary people learning together to stay-in-step with the Holy Spirit.


The Clearing

We believe God has put us here to labor intensively in prayer for a spiritual awakening for our land. We are here to encourage this in any way we can, so that others will catch this vision and join us in it.

Holy Spirit Empower

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Featured Resource

Fire Starter Book

Fire Starter

The Holy Spirit Empowers

By: Philip J. Noordmans

"Usually books on the Holy Spirit have good theology and biblical teaching, but render the Third Person of the Trinity impersonal, dull, and dry. They do not draw us into the author’s lived experience. Or, they are full of exciting experiences with the Holy Spirit, but they do not help us build a good biblical and theological foundation for understanding and cooperating with the Holy Spirit. This book is a masterpiece of doing both. As you read, you will grow in personal experience as well as biblical understanding!"  ~ Dr. Brad Long, Executive Director of PRMI

To order the Kindle version of the book from Amazon, CLICK HERE.  To order a paperback copy of the book, send an email to:

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