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On-Site Courses ( 16 Events )

Gather with others for an on-site learning event hosted by one of our partners.  Content is delivered in seminar or workshop format with hands-on application and discussion of concepts and skills.  In some cases, an online course may accompany on-site courses.

Cost: Meals, Lodging, Fees  | Admin Approval Required: In Some Cases

Moderated Online Courses ( 1 Event )

Join an online learning community lead by an experienced teacher.  Course materials are available online for convientient self-paced study.  Most courses include online course interaction with teachers including regularly scheduled web conferences with your class for focused instruction and discussion.

Cost: Free  | Admin Approval Required: Yes

Dunamis Fellowship Meetings ( 1 Event )

Annual gathering of Dunamis Fellowship faculty and lay leaders from around the world to discern and prepare for the upcoming year of PRMI's ministry.

Community of the Cross ( 6 Events )

GatesThe Community of the Cross: A Place of Encounter with Jesus Christ for Prayer Equipping and Sending is a ministry of PRMI and is staffed by the members of the Dunamis Fellowship. It is located on 24 acres of land in the mountains of Western North Carolina and it provides the spiritual support base for our involvement in the worldwide advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Growing The Church ( 1 Event )

This five-day equipping event is intended to introduce the two foundations and seven dynamics of growing the Church in the power of the Holy Spirit.