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    Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would energize our faith: the dynamic power of God at work in ordinary lives, enabling us to live like him. He put it like this:

    "You are witnesses of these things. I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been clothed with power from on high."
  Luke 24:48-49

    The Dunamis Institute has been created to help people experience and live in the reality of this promise. It provides a unique combination of systematic teaching, active participation, inspired worship, dynamic prayer and intentional debriefing, all focused on nurturing participants' understanding and experience. 'Dunamis' (doo-nuh-miss) is simply the Greek word that is translated 'power', from which we get such words as 'dynamic' and 'dynamo.'

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      Identifying and taking part in an Equipping Stream is available only for those who are enrolled as Dunamis Institute Associates.

      Within the menu of courses, it will be possible to select from several Streams. Each of these Streams is a purposeful route, a flow of involvement leading towards one of several identifiable outcomes. They are not required flows, but rather they indicate the kinds of ways that people with specific interests and calling may especially benefit from the training that is available.

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    In this sedtion we hope to answer your frequently asked questions about the Holy Spirit and the Dunamis Insittute equipping materials.
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      Some of you will be interested in looking around, others will want to sign up for a particular event, and still others will want to join our learning community and plan a whole course of study. Whatever your interest, whatever your age, whatever your background, we hope you will join us in being equipped for service in the Kingdom of God.
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      salliepictureWe invite you to EXPLORE the Dunamis Institute’s biblical teaching on the role of the Holy Spirit in equipping us as witnesses to Jesus Christ, empowering us to grow the Church, gifting us for effective ministry, calling us to take part in advancing the Gospel and building the Kingdom of God.

      There has been a lot of misunderstanding and division in the Church today about the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. Through our teaching and equipping materials we provide a very biblical and scriptural presentation of who the Holy Spirit is and why we can only do what God is calling us to do through His power and strength.

      You are welcome to explore.  Everyone of us who has been a part of this incredible journey of growing in following Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit started out with lots of doubts and questions.   Some of us were actually rather hostile to all this and did not really think this was for today.  But as we explored what the bible says, and the teaching and experience of the church, we have come to a vital living relationship with not just God the Father and God the Son Jesus Christ but also God the Holy Spirit.

      The following are ways you can start to explore.

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      We invite and welcome you to ENGAGE in the actual equipping process for growing in life and ministry empowered by the Holy Spirit. A wide range of equipping events and courses are offered in multiple locations around the world and on line. You are welcomed to review the four different categories and ENGAGE in the process by registering for a course or event.
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    Container for new site pages related to Equipping Streams site revisions.  Should match over-all main site structure.  Pages will be migrated one direction or another after completion.

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    Dunamis Institute offers equipping opportunities that are grouped together according to their purpose and role in equipping Christians as witnesses to Jesus Christ and for doing His work in the church and the World.  All of our equipping offerings may be organized in the following Four Equipping Categories:

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    Resources for the Dunamis Institute.

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